Sunday, May 16, 2010


I often wonder what I'll wear when I'm 90.  Will I still feel the same excitement when the September a new issue of Vogue gets dropped in my mailbox?  Or the anticipation of the nearing of Spring or Fall Fashion week?

88 year old Iris Apfel is someone who incites my fashion lust!  Seeing any of her mix match, high low outfits makes a fashionphile swoon.  The exhibits of her clothing have been an inspiration to designers from Isaac Mizrahi to Michelle Obama favorite, Jason Wu.  She is a master stylist, who enjoys shopping for the "hunt" and the thrill of putting it all together.  I understand, I really do, Iris! 

I have just ordered the book, Rare Bird of Fashion, from the 2005 Met Costume Institute exhibit.  I can hardly wait for the 3-5 days it'll take for Amazon to ship it!

Beatrix Ost is the definition of someone who lives outside of the box.  She is an adventuress in life reminding me of exciting personalities like Beryl Markham or Karen Blixen.  She has an intriguing beauty and style and is an artist, writer and designer who fully gives in to her ideas and carries them out in a storybook manner.

Photo from Style Like U

 Portrait by Beatrix Ost

 Beryl Markham

Karen Blixen
Jenny Hirschowitz is an incredible beauty in the vein of Audrey Hepburn and Margot Fonteyn.  I first came across her on Style Like U and was impressed by her rigorous dedication to her look which harks back to the days of Dior and Funny Face.

  Photos from Advanced Style

Photos from Style Like U

                      Margot Fonteyn
Audrey Hepburn posters from Funny Face

Blogs like Advanced Style and amazing women like Beatrix Ost, Jenny Hirschowitz and Iris Apfel make me look forward to the next phases of my journey through life.

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