Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Alexa Chung is like that girl you knew in college.  That one who you wanted to be even though she was just a little too skinny, a little too emotional with problems you didn't quite understand yet.  Her name was Terri or Jasmine or Pearl.  She always found the best vintage, had the naughtiest bad boy boyfriend that you secretly adored.  She held her hand rolled cigarettes just the right way.  Her self colored and cut hair had just the right asymmetrical edge.  Heck, if you admit it, you had a major girl crush on her.

Alexa's style is a mix of girlie frills and boyish oxfords.  She favors chunky shoes and super short skirts, skinny pants, shrunken jackets and sailor stripes.  Favorite lines include Burberry, Luella, Miu Miu, Chanel and Mulberry. The former model and TV personality's next project is designing a line for J.Crew sister company Madewell, slated for Fall 2010.  Can't wait!

Check out her style at the British "Today I'm Wearing..."  I finally broke down and got an actual subscription to British Vogue instead of buying it every month at Barnes&Noble.

Oh, and I want that hair!  That choppy bob is what I'm going for next.

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