Sunday, November 22, 2009


So while looking at one of my new favorite websites: Stylelikeu where I got the idea to wear my amazing Dries Van Noten Nordic oversize cardigan upside down. Soooo genius. I'm going to do it with all of my jackets and sweaters.

Speaking of Dries.  He is without a doubt my favorite go to designer and I would wear little else if I had the dough.  Since I don't always, this book might suffice:Dries Van Noten: Deconstructing Fashion (Cutting Edge).

Check out if you are a fashionfile. It is so completely addictive. I was up until midnight one night and didn't know where the hours went. I get so excited and inspired by this site.

Dries Van Noten Nordic knit, Jovovich-Hawk for Target top, Chan Luu cream silk skirt.


I really got inspired today by checking out all of the other terrific fashion blogs out there. I thought, "Why don't I do that?" I'm not sure what "that" is yet, but we'll see what form it takes. I guess my objective would be: To share things that excite me with others and connect in the arenas of fashion, art, design, music, etc. I'll have a diary of what I'm finding exciting clothing wise and highlight some of the things I'm selling or going to be selling on Ebay.

Here's a fabulous bedazzled denim dress I found thrift shopping the other day. It is incredibly Balmain crossed with Chanel! Note the trompe l'oeil bedazzled belt. It is so tacky and cute at the same time! I would wear it with some black fishnet or flowered tights and shooties. Unfortunately the dress is super duper small and won't fit me. I plan on listing it today on my Ebay store: Dorothy Francis Vintage Clothing, so someone else can benefit.