Thursday, February 24, 2011

Forgotten Clothes Part 2

More outfits from the past. Sometimes I find it makes it easier to get dressed after I document successful outfits.  

Birthday Breakfast With Friends:
 Vintage Indian print dress, Vintage Brooks Brothers jacket, Gap belt, Nine West boots, Jill Platner necklace, vintage earrings, bracelets/cuffs from Kathmandu boutique and My Friend Roze.
Day That Was Way Too Hot:
 Dress by Rubber Ducky, Gap jacket, vintage earrings, necklace from Satya jewelry, bracelets vintage and from Kathmandu boutique.
Breakfast With Friends:
 Etro beaded top, Dries van Noten jacket, Indian print skirt from Kathmandu boutique, thrifted glass and silver bead necklace, Chan Luu bone ring necklace, Chan Luu turquoise bracelet, My Friend Roze cuff and vintage silver bracelet, vintage earrings from Mom. silver ring is a gift from a friend.
Coffee in the Rain:
 Vintage rose print camper shirt, Gap cardi, Gap white jeans, wellies are a gift, thrifted vintage beaded necklace, Chan Luu turquoise bracelet, My Friend Roze cuff, assorted other vintage silver bracelets.
Rainy Day Meeting
 Ralph by Ralph Lauren sailor sweater, Gap jeans, gifted wellies, Roshan Kumarsamy silver collar necklace, vintage earrings, Chan Luu bracelet, shawl from my mom.
Warm Day at LAX Park
Thrifted dress, hat from Eugenia Kim for Target.
Still Felt Like Summer
Mexican white dress thrifted 
Breakfast Coffee Meeting
Thrifted brown dress. 
Another Day
Thrifted dress, thrifted leather rosette bracelet, earrings from back in high school
Playin' Around
Thrifted dress, Chan Luu teeth necklace.

Just Running Around
 Vintage tie-dye slip, Gap sweater, Jill Platner necklace, Miu Miu mirrored thong sandals, assorted bracelets (Chan Luu and others) ring a gift from a friend.