Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Designer File - Albert Capraro

One thing I love about thrifting is finding something by a designer who I've never heard of, then discovering that they have an interesting history.  One such designer is Albert Capraro

After researching Alber Capraro, I discovered that he was well known for dressing Betty Ford during her time as First Lady. He also worked under Lilly Dache and Oscar de la Renta before opening his own design house in 1974.  He designed into the early 80s though I recommend the early 70s pieces.  

The dress I have is very early Oscar de la Renta influenced. His designs are quite rare and were sold in high end boutiques, like Bonwit Teller.  There few listings on Etsy and Ebay, so if you find one that is in good shape while thrifting, snap it up!

Here are some beautiful examples of Albert Capraro #AlbertCapraro:

Here is the the gorgeous dress that I have for sale on eBay.

  All photos from eBay, Etsy and Pinterest - let me know if you want credit