Saturday, May 15, 2010


I know I have a romanticized image of what it would be like to visit Cuba.  A few years back a neighbor showed me his photos from a photo documentary trip to Cuba.  He stayed with families he met instead of hotels and had a more authentic Cuban experience.  

Despite not having a lot the Cubans he met knew how to make the most of everything and enjoy life.  His photos reflected the simplicity and the beauty of the people and place.

Looking through the images brought me to a photo of a beautiful girl.  I looked at my friend and saw a far away look in his eye.  "Ahhh Maria...mi amore"  is all he said.  I could see a life of traveling ahead of him.  The taste of Cuba had whetted his appetite for adventure, people, cultures and places.

Beautiful people, crumbling faded buildings, 1950s cars, lively music, and house size political murals.  It all sounds like a place I'd like to visit.  

I have some tear sheets taken from an old magazine that I've been carrying around for 20 years or so.  They are gorgeous shots of decaying, paint peeling mansions in Havana.  The layers of color are exquisite.  I thought that my dream home would look like that someday.  Maybe in a past life it did.

Photos from

I saw model Angela Lindvall once after my first time attending a service at the Lake Shrine Self Realization Center.  She wore what looked like a vintage or Marc Jacobs navy button down 40s style dress, gladiator style sandals and no make-up.  I couldn't help but stare because, first of all she was taller than anyone else and secondly her freckled skin was luminous. You'll see what I mean.

Here is Angela Lindvall shot by Tom Craig for British Vogue. 
Photos courtesy of fashiongonerogue.

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