Friday, June 29, 2012

Hippie Faierie

This dress is actually a 60's nightie.  I love the print and if you do, too you can buy it here.

The whimsical print reminds me of James Jean's illustrations for Prada's brilliant 2008 Spring collection.  I almost got one of those Prada Faierie bags, but that's another story.  I ended up with a completely unassuming Givenchy cross body bag which I literally wore to death.  I'm sure that wouldn't have happened with the Prada.

The headpiece is an unfinished crown I got from a women's retreat I sold My vintage clothes at.  I think I might add some beads.

James Jean:

 Check out James Jean's work on his website.


all photos from Prada and Yahoo images- Please let me know if I can credit