Tuesday, May 18, 2010


And here are some photos never posted of things I wore the last few weeks and beyond.

 Vintage sweater, cage necklace from National Council of Jewish Women store, beaded necklace part of shirt Patrick Robinson for Target collection.

H&M lace dress, thrifted denim vest, heart necklaces from the National Council of Jewish Women store, cut off tights under dress.

H&M sweater coat thrifted lace top over Gap T shirt, Gap jeans.

Jovovich-Hawk for Target dress, Gap jeans, hand made leather pouch from Irene, self made necklace.

Hanae Mori vintage dress, vintage belt, self made necklace, earrings from Miss Scuba.

Gap jacket, reconstructed T shirt scarf dress from Amused Clothing, Gap jeans, middle eastern necklace found at my Dad's.

Thrifted cotton peasant dress, vintage jade necklace from my aunt, self made necklace(long), vintage rough cut diamond earrings from my mother, Miu Miu flower petal sandals from Ebay.

Jean-Paul Gaultier for Target top, Gap jacket, long beaded necklace from National Council of Jewish Women store , squash blossom from ebay, Levi jeans, Pierre Hardy for Gap sandals.

Vintage polyester shirtdress, Gap belt, self made necklace, J.Crew chain bracelet (Mother's Day gift from my sibs), Bubble wrap reclaimed cuff from My Friend Roze, thrifted bracelets, thrifted shell angel earrings, 60's Pucci like printed bikini top worn as a bra.

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