Monday, October 4, 2010

Style Original Karen O

I tell you, I cannot get enough of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs songs "Heads Will Roll" and "Zero" lately.  I'm driving in LA with the sunroof open bopping my head around like a bobble head barbie.  

Karen O's signature mix of space age 80's punk, kabuki face, bowl hair cut and cherries in the snow lips bring to mind a hybrid of Debbie Harry, Berlin's Terri Nunn and Chrissie Hynde.

She is a fashion icon with her own brand of uniqueness.  Many of her stage costumes are made by her friend, designer Christian Joy.

Photos from

You gotta love the Michael Jackson Thriller dancing werewolf and the zombified audience similar to that in David Bowie's "Blue Jean" video.


  1. o my god she looks like you! where did you find all those photos? she has great style! she looks like she could be your sister! love you!

  2. Funny! I never thought that, but I do think she's got amazing style and is really striking and sexy. Love you back!!