Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy 70th Birthday John Lennon!

While driving my son to his swim lesson this morning I had my ipod on shuffle and John Lennon's "Watching the Wheels" came on. I remembered that today would have been his 70th birthday and the 30th anniversary of his death.  I was very emotional by the end of the song, wondering what else John could have accomplished if he was still alive today. I think his message of peace is especially relevant:

I am anxiously awaiting the PBS special that will be airing November 22.   There is also a special edition, Signature Box 11-CD set, including remastered songs from his 8 solo albums plus never before heard rough cuts and demos. 

I read a quote from Yoko Ono in last Sunday's LA Times that I found really beautiful and duplicates how I feel about the power of music in the world:

To keep this planet as a beautiful planet, music is it. Music is a healing power, and all musicians who are trying their best, they are all doing it, by their vibrations. Isn't that great? Even if you make the music in your own garage and wouldn't ever put it out, that vibration is healing the world. John categorically approved all musicians, as long as it's music, he feels good about it.


-Yoko Ono


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