Friday, August 13, 2010

Altuzarra/Vanessa Traina

I'm baaaaack.

After being gone for a whole month, I'm trying to get myself back in.  I was in Indiana and more on that in another blog.

Joseph Altuzarra:  It's so exciting to see someone young put it out there and succeed.  His designs are super sexy and fresh.

First Collection: Fall 09

Spring 2010:

Fall 2010:

Altuzarra's muse is Vanessa Traina, daughter of novelist, Danielle Steele.  When I was living in San Francisco, I remember speaking to a head hunter who was looking for an assistant for Ms. Steele.  I turned it down because it sounded like a handful.

Later while working at Ron Herman (now having an online summer sale!) she came through town with her kids and I got to help her.  I have to say she was lovely and her kids were great.  I was also impressed by her gorgeous array of giant (probably real) cocktail rings on each finger. 

 From top to bottom:

Dior “Incroyables et Merveilleuses” Cerise Ring, Dior “Diorette” Ring with Amethyst, Harry Winston Marquesa Mandarin Garnet Cocktail Ring

She had rented a tour bus to take the family from SF to LA.  I'm thinking of studying her latest book, Family Ties: A Novel, to see if I can be inspired to do the same.

Vanessa Traina in Altuzarra:

 Vanessa as Muse (along with her equally stylish sisters) - who also wears Balenciaga, Givenchy, Alexander Wang and Proenza Schouler so well:

 most pics from, others from either The Sartorialist or Jak & Jil (some others too sorry for not crediting)

I once saw Vanessa in Whole Foods shopping wearing a vintage silk jersey Pucci shift with long straight bangs, super FABULOUS!!!!

Vintage Pucci dress @ Dressing Vintage.

Vintage Pucci dress @ Couture Allure Vintage Fashions

Vintage Pucci dress @ Memphis Vintage

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